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The Pegasus Club - the Bar Saddle Club - was formed as the result of a chance idea in 1895 on a bright March morning in the sporting brain of Sir William Grantham "... like Pallas Athene from the head of Jove ...".  He was a Judge of quick decisions and thus the notion of point-to-point races for Bench and Bar was born.  Grantham, J. had long had the daily custom, during term, to ride with his son in Rotten Row after breakfast, along with many other distinguised members of his profession who shared the same riding enthusiasm.  Such a notion was therefore communicated to these sportsmen and he was forthwith commissioned to draw up a scheme and the first race took place on 10 April 1895.


Today, the Pegasus Club has some 200 members who currently attend the annual Pegasus Club Race which is run on a West Country course in March;  the AGM in April and the Annual Dinner held in London in October.   For further information contact the Pegasus Club Secretariat.


(Historical information taken from "Bench and Bar in the Saddle" by C.P. Hawkes)